About Us

Lure Swimwear is owned by young women who are tired of entering stores with beautiful swimwear and only seeing particularly the stylish swimwear provided for one body type. We want to include everyone in our company! Lure swimwear is a brand that deeply connects with the saying “clothes are meant to fit you not the other way around”.This is something the women of this company have taken years to learn and shift our mindset toward. We recognize this is partly because of the clothes we are sold and the limited options. Lure Swimwear is committed to providing both a wide range of swimwear that enable us to feel attractive in the water, and fits your beautiful body as you are!  Our mission is to provide women with the swimwear for their needs. From the athletic swimmer who does weekly laps, to the ocean lover who goes out to sea for peace and tranquility.  Spend your time in the water in Lure Swimwear, catch eyes and waves.

We hope you enjoy our website, and greatly appreciate any and all feedback!